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I am a ghost.
Fading in, fading out of lives
This wind is bitter and unforgiving
It bites
And snaps
Like a shark.
But I,
I simply float
Like a crisp autumn leaf.
I soar along.
That's all.

Yes, you fear me.
I would know.
Why shouldn't you? I'm cold; I'm dead.
But I'm not a menace!
A monster, yes…
But not a menace.
You can trust me! I promise!
What could I possibly do to you?
I won't hurt you.
I can't hurt you.
I can't even touch you;
I can't feel your skin.
I can't feel anyone's skin.

I'm dead; I'm cold
No warm flesh, no hugs and kisses
I can't feel those.
I can't feel.
I'm cold; I'm dead now.
No more holding hands, no more brushing faces
I can't.

Fiery heat from across the living room
Is inviting in this terrible weather.
But this room is a ravine
And this is only a dream.
Well, not only a dream;
Rather, completely and entirely
A nightmare
Within a reality of absurd proportions.
And yet
And yet, and yet, and yet,
It is still reality.
And that, that nightmare, I can feel.

Strangely enough, it gives me hope.
I find it tangible.
Inside it, there is life.
And part of that becomes mine.

And to live inside something, even in death
To dive into the light of a spark
Just when you'd believed your senses had been numbed!
What an emotion!
Emotion like nothing you've ever felt!
Emotion like a billion burning candles on the surface of the blazing sun!!!

It empowers the soul
And catapults it to a place
That's inches away
From where my body lay.

With that life
The artificial life of a dream
I had tried to think of ways,
Devise a plan
That could have left me spiraling around
In that dark
Yet enlightening excitement

Maybe I could finally hurt you,
I had said.
After all, I'd dreamed of it before.

Dreamed it all
Seeing you
Before me
Lying down
On the ground
Bloody knife
Devilish grin

All that power….

As I'd sunk back down
Down to the concrete of a concrete world
I had come to realize
Was not
What I wanted

The soul can feel.
I know that now.
Not wood or leather or a drop of liquid
But happiness and sadness
And all the things
That a human body surely
Could not sense on its own.

And that, friends,
That includes love.
I have turned my power into love.
My strength


This love, this unstoppable force
Will leave the universe with only its good things
And rid it of all else.
Because of it
I am, in soul, alive.
I am warm;
I am alive.

The potential of love to take over the world
Is undeniable.

And that I most certainly feel.


I am a leaf.
Fading in, fading out of lives
Once upon a time I was green.
Green and bursting with earthly life
But I remember.
I was plucked from my branch.

I am brown; I am crisp;
I'm unsightly; I am dead
Like the ghost
Who flies next to me in this autumn storm.

"Alas," she says,
"The wind is bitter and unforgiving
It bites and it snaps, like a shark."
In spite of everything, she giggles.

"We fade in and out of lives
And we soar along.
That's all…."

She continues with her story
And never stops.
What a night. Apparently I'm gonna explode someday, what with all this *emotion* inside me. :icondivaplz:

I guess this really just sprang up on its own. Well, kind of on its own. It had some, er... incendiary incentives.

...and how much more emo can this get T_T but I'm proud of it, so... it stays here!

W16 of #52weekproject
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invadergir42 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
very deep :iconloveitplz: very impressed!! Rain is battling INNER DEMONSSSSS
Precipitation5 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
more like outer demons (:< but shamnk you :)
invadergir42 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
any tiiiiime child! keep writing!
Ninas-teacup Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Student
this.. is so beautiful! out of all the things you have written this must be my favorute, i love it!!!
wow, really great job!
Precipitation5 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
shmank you. :)
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